My wife and I live in the beautiful inner suburb of Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. In 2009 we made a city change from the green and clean but slightly boring outer suburb of Croydon.

We bought our house in Brunswick in 2011 and have slowly been making it more sustainable with solar panels, three water tanks, veggie gardens front and back, compost heaps and chickens for fresh eggs and as a final treatment for our compost.

We both work locally and I have the luxury/privilege of being able to cycle to work every day, rain hail or shine. This is great exercise, non polluting, cheap and a fast way of getting to work reliably. I don’t understand why more people do not choose to do the same.

We have two wonderful children who we are very proud of . I love my family, bicycles, technology, rice, fish, growing vegetables, walking my dog, going to China to cycle and speak rubbish Mandarin.